About Us


Our strong tradition of enhancing the lives of America’s boilermakers began with the creation of the Boilermakers National Health and Welfare Fund. This comprehensive national plan stands in sharp contrast to local health plans offered by some trade unions. With exceptional benefits, both in terms of the range of care available and the savings provided, our health benefits currently provide coverage for medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs and hearing aids. We also have benefits for behavioral health and substance abuse services, as well as an organ transplant program and long-term disability coverage.

In 1960, the IBB, in cooperation with a group of employers, created the Boilermaker-Blacksmith National Pension Trust to ensure financial security for our participants upon retirement. Our pension plan is a defined benefit plan administered by its Board of Trustees. Participating employers make contributions into the fund on behalf of each Boilermaker as determined by collective bargaining agreements. The Pension plan grows tax-deferred and ensures that eligible participants receive a specific monthly benefit at retirement. The pension also provides early retirement, disability, death and survivor benefits.

A second source of retirement benefits, the Boilermakers National Annuity Trust was added in 1985. Participants rely on this defined contribution plan for long-term growth and security. Trustees oversee the investment of all assets. We encourage participants to log-on to a secure Web site powered by Prudential to monitor how well their investments are performing.